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Software Engineering

Tuition fee
$990 per year
Study grants
applicants can receive
up to 100% study grant
Training Period
4 years

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Programme Description

Software Engineering with the NewGen University is a high-quality online training programme for Junior and Middle programmers. Our programme is designed with modern job market requirements. You will gain a unique set of competencies that help you become an effective software developer in an international IT company. Join our programme today and take the first step towards a rewarding career!

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Fundamental programming training You will be able to easily master any programming language remaining competitive in the ever-evolving IT solutions market

Diverse skillset You will get an opportunity to master valuable skills of a business analyst, QA engineer, DevOps engineer, network and system administrator, DBMS administrator.

Participation in international project teams You will choose your role in the remote international project teams and develop your professional portfolio while studying at the university

Specialization choice In the last year of study, you will be able to specialize for a specific employer for a quick career start.

Areas of employment

IT companies

IT companies developing or implementing software

IT departments of leading companies

IT divisions of companies, organizations and institutions using innovative digital technologies in business process management

Digital departments of government organizations

Divisions of municipal and state organizations driving digital transformation of government services


Teams creating startups using IT technologies

Salary of graduates

Junior Programmer

500 – 1 100 $*

The Junior level is achieved already in the second or third year of study. A solid technical foundation with the courses in programming, web development and databases from the very first year of study will let you make money during studying.

Middle Programmer

1 000 – 2 500 $*

The Middle level is achieved already in the senior years of study. The degree programme prepares you to apply and use modern software engineering methodologies and tools in real projects under professional supervision.

Senior Programmer

2 000 – 3 000 $*

The Senior level is achieved on average in two or three years after graduation. Fundamental math education and specialization for the chosen job position will help to build up your career after graduation.

* The salary may depend on the region, specialization of the developer and the selected technology stack.

Professions of students and graduates

Software Developer
(web, mobile, ERP, games)

QA Engineer

Network Engineer

DevOps Engineer

Startup Owner

IT Manager
(Product Owner, PM, Team Lead)

 Competitive Advantages

Unlike disparate courses and certificates, you will receive a complete higher education and a governmental diploma of the Russian Federation in Russian and English languages.
No need to come to campus. All education processes from admission to graduation and all student services are delivered entirely online in a comfortable digital ecosystem of NewGen University.
Save your time. Previously completed courses confirmed by certificates or diplomas can be re-credited.
Get certificates for the successful completion of significant courses during your studying and boost your value in the eyes of employers.
The programme is developed in accordance with international standards in the field of software engineering education (SWEBOK, SWECOM), Federal Governmental Educational and Professional Standards of Russian Federation, as well as recommendations of major international and Russian IT companies.
High-quality study materials, assignments and tests, first line support and digital services for students on the one hand and low tuition fees on the other one make Newgen University an excellent investment in your future.

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What does training consist of?

Simulators and code auto-verification
During the training, you will constantly practice programming skills. The Gradescope automated verification service developed at the University of California in Berkeley will immediatly evaluate the correctness of the code, mark and comment on errors.
Lectures and webinars
There is no "trivial information" in video lectures.
You will find only the most useful, relevant and clearly structured information, as well as unique materials from our experts. You will get a deep insight of your chosen field of development through understanding of programming paradigms.

Team work
Learn how to work in international distributed teams through end-to-end project activities and soft skills courses and try yourself as a scrum master, project manager, business analyst, tester.
Cases from employers
Perform real cases from IT partner companies of NewGen University. Give an effective solution to a real problem and you will be noticed by employers. Your high quality case can be included in the portfolio.
Mutual evaluation
Improve your teamwork skills and evaluate the quality of assignments and case solved by other students and conduct a code review.
Find out "from the inside" how work processes are arranged in IT companies. You will go through training and on-the-job training course, performing real tasks of the employer. We will help you to find the company for your on-the-job training course.
Professional development environments
Learn to programme in development environments used by the world's leading software devepopers.
Digital Learning Support Ecosystem
Get a prompt solution to any issue through the comfortable system of digital services of NewGen University.

Stages of training

1. writing and testing code under strict specification
2. debugging errors
3. collaborating with other team members
4. being responsible and diligent.

1. efficiently using the chosen programming language
2. dealing with complicated tasks that require non-standard engineering approaches
3. decomposing complex tasks and delegating them to junior colleagues

Humanities («Hum»)
Humanities («Hum»)
Making you a modern human cognitive and communicative disciplines, introduction to digitalization of society and your role in it
Mathematics («Math»)
Mathematics («Math»)
Making you a logical thinker
mathematical and logical disciplines developing intellectual abilities
Informational technologies («IT»)
Informational technologies («IT»)
Making you an IT professional
computer science, operating systems, data management, infrastructure and networks configuration - all you need to be a successful IT specialist
Software Engineering («SE»)
Software Engineering («SE»)
Making you a programmer In accordance with the SWEBOK recommendations, this block contains the disciplines of software lifecycle management. This includes different tools, methodologies and approaches to software design, development stacks and frameworks, requirements management, versioning, configurations and the development process itself.
Project/Practice («Pr»)
Project/Practice («Pr»)
Making you a successful person Working in project teams, case studies and mandatory internships, including performing regular tasks of partner companies. Professional portfolio is collected during the studying process.
Specialization («Spec»)
Specialization («Spec»)
Making you a highly paid specialist Get access to the "secret knowledge" of leading IT companies and become impossible to replace.


Digital Culture 3
English 12
Personal Performance Management 2
Vocational English 6
Russian Language and Culture of Speech 2
Legal Awareness 2
History of Russia 5
Philosophy 2
Intellectual Property Laws 2
Health and Safety 2
Physical Education and Sports 2
Economics 2

Basics of Computer Systems 4
Computer Architecture and Operating Systems 5
Unix and Linux Operating Systems 4
Information Science Problem Solving Techniques 3
Computer Networks 5
Information Systems and Technologies 3
Databases and Data Management 3

Setting up and administering computer networks 4
Data Analysis 3

Mathematical Analysis 5
Basics of Discrete Mathematics and Logic 3
Mathematical Logic, Algebra, and Number Theory 5
Probability Theory 5

Computational mathematics 5

Project activities 2
Introductory Internship 3

Project activities 4
Technological practice 6
Internship 3

Project activities 3
Internship 5
Pre-graduation Internship 8

Basics of Programming 4
Algorithms and Programming in Python 4
Basics of HTML and CSS Web Design 3
Object-Oriented Programming 5
Introduction to Software Engineering 3
Software Testing 4
Basics of Software Modeling and Design 5

Practicum in Java / C#  Programming 10
System Programming 3
Business Process Automation 4
Functional Programming 5
Front-End Development 3
Distributed Systems 3

Software Project Management 4
Secure Software Development 5
Software Engineering Management 3
Information System Architecture and Integration Methods 5
Quality Assurance and Code Review 3
Software Requirements Management 6
Mobile Application Development / Web Application Development / Unity Game Development / Programming for Data Analysis and AI Projects / ERP Programming 16
Graduation Thesis and Defense 9

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Job placement
and career

Our task is to help you master a promising and highly paid profession, and build a successful career in the future. Therefore, when developing the program, we took into account the requirements of our partners who are large international IT companies, and the topics of project assignments, practical cases and term papers meet the real tasks of employers. Thanks to this, students receive only the most important knowledge and skills for the modern IT market.

Having proven yourself well during the on-th-job training course, you will be able to get a job offer already at senior courses: the online training format allows you to successfully combine study with work. The serious basic IT training provided by the programme will help you quickly adapt to new technologies and change your profession, mastering related fields: DevOps, IT project management, architecture development, data analysis, artificial intelligence systems.

In addition, in the last year of study, students have the opportunity to choose a major semester block of specialization in order to prepare themselves in advance for the specifics of the jobs with large employers, master specific (necessary) technology stacks, development environments, release and version control systems, conventions and rules.

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The founder of the Project is Togliatti State University leading in introduction of educational process management innovations.
TSU has become the winner of: The Russian Federation Government Award in the field of quality (in 2009 and 2019.)
The 1st places in nomination "Project management in Higher Education and Science" in the all Russia competition in professional project management "Project Olympus - 2019"

License to provide education and training (Russia)
№ 0009363 Series 90L01 dated 03.08.2016, issued by the Federal Service for Supervision of Education and Science of Russia
Certificate of state registration (Russia)
№ 3012 Series 90A01 dated 06.03.2019, issued by the Federal Service for Supervision of Education and Science of Russia

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